At this time, the following immunizations are required at all CTY sites. 

  • COVID-19 vaccine requirements vary by site. See details about your site
  • Two doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) OR a titer showing immunity to all three diseases.
  • Two doses of varicella, or verification of immunity.
  • A tetanus booster within the last 10 years. This can be any immunization with tetanus—TT, Td, Tdap, or DTaP. 
  • Three to five doses of DTaP.
  • One additional dose of Tdap if child has completed 7th grade or above. Students in grades 7-12 attending sites in California must have had one dose of pertussis-containing vaccine after age 7.
  • Three or Four doses IPV/OPV (Polio), with one given after the child’s 4th birthday.
  • Three doses of Hep B, with last dose on or after 24 weeks of age.
  • One dose of meningococcal. Required only for students attending CTY sites in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island who have completed 7th grade or above. 
  • Two doses of Hep A, with first dose after first birthday. Required only for students attending CTY’s site in Rhode Island.

Learn about exceptions to vaccine requirements here.